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toKaos is simply the best product I have seen among all ActionScript encryption softwares. It's extremely easy to use and gives an exceptional fine-grained control over encryption process.
With a great support team, toKaos is the partner of choice for developers who are serious about code obfuscation!

Showcase Application: http://shop.davidguetta.com/   “Site of the day Award” by Adobe

Michael BARBERO – Flash Applications Engineer (http://www.deja-vue.net)


Our mission is building flash games and game encryption is a must for us. Because of the massive amount of networking our games have some encryption software did not work as they encrypted the SWF giving us absolutely no control and brokes our networking. Other software worked on minimum encryption levels and even a kid looking at our code could understand the logic quite easily. Finally we found toKaos, this was the perfect encryption software for us. We could select maximum encryption, select the files we wanted to encrypt and that was it, it worked. It was painfully easy and did all the hard work by itself. Then we took a decryption software and decrypted our games, looking at the code made our programmers heads spin, the same programmers who coded the game in the first place. The encryption software removed comments, renamed everything and added the right amount of junk in the right place, it also managed to reduce our file size by a bit.
We are extremely happy with toKaos encryption and recommend it to anyone and everyone building flash games.

Vikram Jhaveri – CEO, Big Leap Studios Pvt. Ltd. (http://bigleapgames.com/)

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toKaos is simply the best product I have seen...
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