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toKaos is the most effective way to encrypt your AS3 action script code

toKaos is a desktop software application which allows you to encrypt/obfuscate your action script AS3 source code.

toKaos is the only product able to operate directly on a copy of your source code providing you with a new encrypted/obfuscated source code. After the process you can compile and deploy your product (SWF or SWC).

Having the encrypted/obfuscated source code available is a more powerful tool than having only an encrypted SWF/SWC, because you have a total control of the software that you are deploying. Furthermore you will be able to verify what the SWF/SWC source hacker will be able to see.

Install and try for 15 days the Evaluation edition of our action script obfuscator, no registration is required.

By using the evaluation edition of toKaos you will discover the power of our encryption/obfuscation techniques.

toKaos supports command line mode.

toKaos Overview

Our encryption/obfuscation works directly on a copy of your source code encrypting the identifier below: 

  • packages identifier
  • classes identifier
  • functions identifier (private, internal, protected and public)
  • functions parameters identifier
  • functions variables identifier
  • class variables identifier (private, internal, protected and public)

Not only encryption, but toKaos is able to obfuscate your source code as follows: 

  • change package structure
  • source compacting
  • explode included files
  • remove comments
  • string literal obfuscation

After toKaos encryption/obfuscation your source code will be unreadable to everyone. toKaos provides the developer with the KTM (toKaos Translation Map). By using the KTM only the developer will be able to understand the obfuscated source code. The KTM provides a matching table between the original identifier and the encrypted identifier.

toKaos provides the developer with the user preferences below :

  • you can decide which items will be encrypted
  • you can specify the source path of the used libraries
    (look at guidelines for libraries encryption)  
  • you can specify one or more named identifier to prevent the encryption

How to use toKaos:

  • Select your action script AS3 source code. You have three possibilities:
    • Flex Application, typically created with Flex Builder AS3 (Web application runs in Flash Player or Desktop application runs in Adobe AIR)
    • Flash file (FLA), typically created with Flash CS3 Professional. It contains your project
    • Source path containing your action script classes .as and .mxml and packages; typically this directory is named src
  • Decide the general items to encrypt
  • Start Analysis (.... now toKaos will analyze your action script source code and it will show the output of the analysis before encrypting/obfuscating it)
  • Navigate, as you like it, through the objects of your project specifying which identifier must not be encrypted
  • Start the encryption process

  • At the end of the process you will find:
    • in case of Flex Application, a new Flex project named yourprojectname-toKaos containing the complete project
    • in case of Flash file (FLA), a new directory dir_containing_fla_file-toKaos containing all files for compiling your project
    • in case of Source path, a new directory source_path-toKaos containing the encrypted source code and others linked files

    Only two minutes to operate with the encrypted/obfuscated source code:
    • in case of Flex Application, you can import the project yourprojectname-toKaos Adobe Flex Builder 3 environment and compile it producing your SWF or SWC file
    • in case of Flash file (FLA),using Adobe Flash CS3 open your .FLA contained into the folder named dir_containig_fla_file-toKaos; compile your .FLA file producing the SWF file
    • in case of Source path, you have to integrate, as you like it, the encrypted/obfuscated source code contained in source_path-toKaos in your working environment proceeding to the compilation and producing your SWF or SWC files

We encourage you to download and to try our action script encrypter/obfuscator: you can understand the power of toKaos viewing the toKaos example page.


Many thanks to you for visiting our website !
The Support Team

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